At myYOUniversity, we are all about getting a higher education in yourself.

The Shining Star membership is the perfect place to start OR if you are already an alumni, it's a great place to continue on your path of growth and elevation. 
What is Shining Star?
The Simply Kerry Transformation Process is based on the foundation of finding and following your "inner star" - or the person you came here to be. As we go through life, we get disconnected from that and live our life playing other roles and characters. We live our life according to others and by what we think we "should" do. We lose sight of our dreams, struggle in relationships, our health suffers, we lose our sense of purpose, and forget to have fun. 
Get a higher education in yourself by giving yourself some study breaks! This membership gives you access to an amazing resource library full of content from Kerry, Brad and other experts that will help you find your inner star and start shining.

What do I get?

The Shining Star membership is a resource library full of mini-lessons in the areas that make up your holistic life.  

This library contains video lessons and homework activities in each category that you can access and apply in your life at anytime.
Topics including lessons on strengthening your spirituality, self-improvement, stress, anxiety, wellness, relationships, parenting, health, movement, purpose, fun, and much more!

In order for your star to fully shine, we recommend nurturing and tending to your spirituality, self-love, relationships, purpose, health, fun, finances, and family and friends. Our lessons will help you do just that and much more!
For LESS THAN $12 A WEEK, you will get access to a wealth of knowledge, tips, and tools that will bring you more simplicity, peace, and empowerment into your life. 
Let's Shine!
We have many many modules, some of our favourites include:
Manifesting Money
​Allowing Your Children to Fail
​7 Day Food Transformation
Movement Motivation
How to Handle Anxiety
How to Fight Healthy
Turning Around Triggers
Setting Loving Boundaries
Mindfulness Methods
Remember: You can cancel this membership anytime! 

Access this library any time and work on the areas of your life that you would like to tend to most. New content is added monthly and each lesson includes a video and worksheet with exercises to help you start implementing it right away. 

This is a great plan if you are interested in the transformation courses but not sure if you are ready to make a commitment or for alumni to maintain their results and continue transforming!
The Study Breaks developed by Brad and Kerry help me hone in on and tweak the little personal annoyances that prevent me from living a joyful and authentic life. The tools and resources provide me with the ability to re-prioritize and center my life in spirituality and love, and the support of amazing people energizes me to continue on this path of health and we
Study Breaks are a great tool for taking a weekly assessment of an area of life (behavior, reactions, feelings, perceptions, relationships etc...) and analyzing it and resetting how we normally operate to a better way. In the past year it has helped me improve and grow immensely!!

I recommend it for anyone looking to improve their life.
Study Breaks have taken me from a negative to a positive mindset in a short period of time in almost every aspect of my life.. The breaks have also given me tools to be happier, offer better ways to respond to negativity of other people around me and to see the brighter side In addition to mental health, Study Breaks also cover your physical health so that you can work to be the happiest and healthiest you've ever been!
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